Terms and Conditions

Planet Party Booking Terms and Conditions

1. A 50% deposit is required upon booking to confirm your party.
2. A cancellation fee of 20% of total party is charged if cancelled within 24 hours of party start time.
3. Please arrive 10min prior to start time to allow for finalisation of balance owing.
4. One parent/caregiver (over the age of 18) is to remain on premises throughout the duration of the party.
5. One parent/caregiver (over the age of 18) per child is required to remain on the premises for the parties ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ and ‘Especially For YOU’
6. Due to OH&S policy, we do provide recommendations for maximum number of guests according to each individual party concept. If you choose to disregard this, it will be at your own risk.
7. While Planet Party is understanding of guests with allergies and every precaution is taken, due to the nature of our business, we cannot guarantee that any affected persons will not come into contact with their particular intolerable food.
8. Planet Party is not licensed to have alcohol on its premises. Any person (guest or parent) found to have alcohol on their persons will be asked to leave the premises immediately.
9. Planet Party reserves the right to terminate a party in the event patrons attempt to cause malicious damage to the property, appear to be under the influence of illegal substances, or threaten any member of staff or other patrons.

Planet Party Privacy Policy

1. All personal information collected by Planet Party is for the sole purpose of our business only. We do not share sensitive information with any other organisations or individuals.
2. Planet Party may store your contact details in a secure database for future marketing purposes.
3. While Planet Party takes care to protect its patrons from unwarranted social media activity, we cannot insure that any other persons on premises may not upload unsolicited posts in which they appear.
4. Planet Party will not use any photos of children under 16 years of age on their website or promotional materials without the express permission of the parents.